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There is a World Juggling Federation
It has changed the face of juggling on ESPN
There is only one man responsible for this…

Jason Garfield, President of the World Juggling Federation, presents his life’s work in this 100% original, hilarious, and informative presentation emphasizing work ethic, tenacity, dedication and perspective. World championship juggling skills are executed in a meaningful and engaging demonstration of what it takes to be the best at anything.

You think you know juggling…You don’t. You think you don’t care about juggling…you’re right. Jason Garfield will change your mind and turn your world upside down in this one hour presentation demonstrating what the sport of juggling is while debunking the myths perpetrated by other jugglers.

“It is the most hilarious and eye opening presentation on juggling you’ll ever see.” – Jason Garfield

“Never has such a high degree of juggling skill been presented in such a meaningful context.” – Jason Garfield

// The "Juggling While Eating an Apple" Myth / Flying a Plane VS Juggling

ESPN Sport Juggling
// Producer / Director

As founder of the World Juggling Federation, Jason Garfield has produced and edited 12 Sport Juggling Competition programs for ESPN including 5 live telecasts and 12 International Juggling Conventions in Las Vegas, NV, Hartford, CT, Springfield, Ill, and Sioux Falls, SD. Jason’s main focus through the production of these events is to provide motivation, incentive and reward for the new generation of jugglers to surpass the skill level of the previous generation. The 7 Club incentive competition and Major League Combat are the most current and compelling efforts on this front.

// Career Highlights
• Dateline NBC
• McEnroe (CNBC)
• Soapnet
• Solstrom – Cirque Du Soleil
• Boeing
• Holiday Inn
• Novo Nordisk
• Pride Industries
• Working with Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) on the production of the 2004 WJF Competition Programs
• Producing 12 Sport Juggling Competition Programs for ESPN
• Serving as a motion tracking model for juggling characters in the Star Wars Galaxies video game
• Personal Invitation from Simon Cowell to appear on “America’s Got Talent”
• Performing for the cast of the Fox show “House” on the set at their 2nd season wrap party

Where You’ve Seen Him Before
// The Bliss Diss

One bright sunny day in 2006 (depending on where you lived), jugglers around the world started receiving emails from their friends containing a link to a video of a guy juggling 3 balls to Beatles music. This video went viral and jugglers were inundated with emails from their friends who presumed they would like the video. Of the jugglers who received this link, Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) described this phenomenon in great detail on his radio show and was the catalyst in the creation of the Jason Garfield bliss diss riposte video. This sparked a juggling controversy so important to humanity that Dateline NBC was quick to cover the story.

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